Women's Shooting Group


The Dallas Pistol Club's Women's Shooting Group has been established to provide a comfortable atmosphere for women who are interested in shooting.

We are currently working on the schedule for 2012. Unfortunately, women ROs are in huge demand, both on the range and off. Please bear with us as we finalize the details. You can also send an email to womensgroup@dallaspistolclub.com to be put on the mailing list.

Meeting Dates

Meetings are currently scheduled for the following dates:

  • No dates scheduled

Additional Information

Eye Protection - Shatterproof sunglasses, lab safety goggles, and shooting glasses are welcome. Regular sunglasses and prescription eye glasses typically do not provide adequate protection, in the event of a ricochet. Injuries are rare, but eyesight is important! Spares are available on a limited basis.

Ear Protection - Ear plugs, ear muffs, and electronic muffs are welcome. Low cost disposable foam ear plugs are available at drugstores, usually marketed for sleeping.

Firearms - Your personal or borrowed firearm and ammunition must meet club requirements (approved calibers). It will be inspected prior to use, for safety reasons.

Men - Are strictly forbidden. Male members may bring their wives/girlfriends/fiancees/someone they're hoping to impress, but must move to another bay to shoot separately. However, assistance setting up/tearing down the course would be appreciated, so that no one breaks a nail.

Email womensgroup@dallaspistolclub.com for more information.